You may bid by calling The Oaks at 509.536.5955 or emailing with your name, the item number that you are bidding on, and the dollar amount you would like to bid.

You may bid on as many items as desired until the bidding is closed.

There is a minimum starting bid for each item.  All opening items must be at least this high.

There is a minimum bid raise amount.  All bids must be raised above the previous amount at least in these increments.

You may phone or email in a maximum bid for any item, in which case the auctioneer will begin your bidding at the minimum starting bid price and then increase your bid by the minimum bid raise as others bid until you have reached your maximum.

Any bid not following these rules will be nullified.

The name and winning bid will be posted on the main page of this blog as soon as the bidding has been closed.

The auction will open at 3:00 pm and will close at 8:00 pm or at the moderator’s discretion.  If the bidding is fast and furious we may leave it open a little longer….remember, it’s for the kids!  😉


You may make your credit card payment via phone (509.536.5955), email (, or our online payment system ( immediately following the final closing.

If you would prefer to pay via cash or check please bring your payment to the school office the following day.

Your receipt will be mailed to you within the week.

Please feel free to “round up” your check amount…remember, it’s for the kids!  😉


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